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No Surprise Fees | Cost - Katherine Kim Acupuncture Arts in Westport, Fairfield, CT

Read more about the NSA from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services.
Additional info available from the official State of CT Insurance Act website. 


Our sessions may include more than acupuncture. Pls see our complete list of modalities.
Most sessions are with Dr. Katherine Kim, L.Ac.  Associate Acupuncturists are noted with (*).

Single session. New patients office visit and acupuncture treatment: Includes a 1-1 comprehensive consultation to discuss your medical history, health goals, acupuncture treatment, mind-body counseling, guided relaxation, and breathwork. $250/hr. 

Single session. Follow up office visit and acupuncture treatment: Includes 1-1 follow-up consultation, customized acupuncture based on your experience after the first visit, mind-body counseling, guided relaxation, nutritional counseling, lifestyle adjustments, sleep hygiene counseling, infrared heat lamp therapy, herbal heat packs, acupressure ear seeds to wear home, etc. $200/hr.

Associate Acupuncturist Treatments (*). Comprehensive consultation, acupuncture, tongue/face/pulse diagnosis, discussion of health and lifestyle adjustments to support your wellness goals. $150/new patient, $100/followup. 

Group treatment with Associate Acupuncturists (*): Ear acupuncture and ear seeding performed in a quiet, relaxing, meditative group atmosphere with soft music. $75/30 mins, single session. $450/package of 10.  Existing patients may join. Those who are new to the clinic are required to complete an online telehealth consultation to discuss your goals prior to entering group treatments, $100/25 mins. 

First month complementary health package includes:

  • One new patient comprehensive consultation and acupuncture session
  • Three follow up sessions that may include guided relaxation, guided breathwork, sleep hygiene counseling, nutritional counseling, lifestyle adjustments, infrared heat lamp therapy, herbal heat packs, acupressure ear seeds to wear home
  • Mind-body counseling, discussion of any topics, traumas, etc that affect your well-being. 
  • Online or in-person referrals and resources, potentially bibliotherapy, etc. 
  • Paid in full, $750 ($225 new patient, $175 three followup sessions). 

Dr. Kim's multi-packages may include a combo of additional therapies: Acupuncture, mind-body-counseling, clinical hypnotherapy, clinical EFT, clinical aromatherapy, cupping, guasha, ultrasound therapy, infrared heat lamp therapy, herbal heat packs, moxa, acupressure ear seeds to wear home, or Hypervolt massage gun enhancement, etc. These are added at no additional cost to package holders. All sessions may vary. Treatments are done at the discretion of the Acupuncturist. 

10 pack of follow-up treatments, paid in full, $750 ($170 x 5) 

10 pack of follow up treatments, paid in full, $1,600 ($160 x 10) 

15 pack of follow up treatments, paid in full, $2,250 ($150 x 15)  

Family Package of 20 follow up treatments, paid in full, $2,800 ($150 x 20). This requires initial new patient visits for any new family members of the same household.  

Clinical Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression Therapy session (No Acupuncture)
1-1 comprehensive consultation, clinical hypnotherapy, guided relaxation. Ear acupressure is optional to help you relax. There is no acupuncture included in this session. This option is available to existing acupuncture patients only, $300/50 mins.  Extended session, $400/75 mins. 

On-site acupuncture, ear seeding, meditation, executive health coaching
Begins at $1,200/3 hours locally. Min of 6 hours within Fairfield/New Haven counties.
$1,800/3 hours outside of Fairfield and New Haven counties, CT.  Tri-State area.
Inquiries welcome: Film/theater/performance/sports/corporate wellness.