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2023 Family Wellness Programs Schedule

Registration opens Jan 18, 2023
1. Infant Massage & Parent Support Group (in-person, Fairfield CT) 
2. How to Help A Child With Anxiety: A Workshop for Caring Adults (in-person, Fairfield)

Registration begins in March 2023
3. Covid Resiliency: A Mind-Body Process Group for Adults (online, Zoom)
4. Infant Massage & Parent Support Group (in-person, Westport CT)
5. Infant Massage & Parent Support Group (online, Zoom)
6. How to Help A Child With Anxiety Workshop (online, Zoom)

The Anxiety & Covid Connection: An Evidence-based
Resiliency-Building Process Group for Adults with Dr. Katherine Kim

Where: Online (Zoom)
When: Thursdays, May 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th, 2023.  Time: 8-8:50pm EST

Do you suffer from anxiety? Have you experienced additional stressors like illness, the loss a loved one, divorce, relocation, or other major lifestyle changes since Covid began?  Many people haven't had an opportunity to grieve or heal or want to find natural solutions. If any of this describes you, join us for this resiliency-building, recovery-oriented, process group.  In a warm and friendly atmosphere, our work will be to digest, make sense of, and learn from personal and shared global experiences. Every meeting includes a chance to share or just listen. Dr. Kim will introduce the most recent research and clinically-proven mind-body therapies to treat anxiety. We'll explore interactive exercises and provide additional holistic resources to support your wellness. Register by: calling or sending a message below. Family investment: $295. Early bird registration: $195 if you register and pay in full by March 31, 2023  11:59PM.

Infant Massage & Parent Support Group with Katherine Kim

For Ages: Caregiver with Baby 4 weeks to one year
Register Online (Registration begins Wed, Jan 18, 2023 at 9 AM). Course#: 41506-01
Fee: $180.00 / 4 classes  Where: Fairfield Parks & Recreation Conference Room
When: Wed, March 1 - March 22.  Time: 12:00 - 12:45pm 

Ever have one of those days when you’re stressed and the baby is fussy? What can you do? Join us for a four-part program to discuss the best ways to relax together. The first part of this hands-on support group teaches gentle massage, acupressure, babywearing and tummy time techniques to soothe a baby. These safe and effective, touch-centered, methods promote physical growth, communication, healthy brain development, and bonding. They may be used to address sleep issues, digestion, gassiness, teething, crying, and more. Led by Dr. Katherine Kim, this program also includes all-natural, drug-free, self-care methods for adults to manage anxiety/depression, insomnia, fatigue, headaches, or back pain. No prior experience is necessary. You can continue to use these stress-reduction skills for a lifetime.

Please bring an adult-sized blanket and your baby’s usual supplies. Hand sanitizer and organic coconut oil will be provided. Register using the parent's name. Correspondence will follow for baby’s information. Questions about the program? Call or Text 203-451-9865 or message us below. 

How to Help A Child With Anxiety or Insomnia:
A Workshop for Caring Adults
Led by Katherine Kim

Register Online (Registration begins Wed, Jan 18th at 9:00 AM)  Course#: 41507-01 

Fee: $175.00 / 4 classes    When: Weds, March 1 - March 22. Time: 1:05-2:05PM
Where: Fairfield Parks & Recreation Conference Room. For Ages: Adults welcome. 

Anxiety, depression, and sleep issues have skyrocketed in recent years. The largest medical organizations in the U.S. recently declared mental health a public health crisis. While seeing a primary care physician or psychotherapist is the most common way that our society addresses these issues, some families are looking for safe and effective natural methods. Join Dr. Katherine Kim, a local Doctor of Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine, to learn about holistic methods that have been clinically proven to improve stress resiliency and sleep hygiene better than pharmaceutical drugs.

This four-part, evidence-based program includes empowering discussions, interactive demonstrations, and handouts with recommendations to apply at home. We'll have an opportunity each week to discuss our experiences. Our topics may include: how to talk with children about anxiety, sleep hygiene tips, essential nutrition, AcuDetox, meditation, aromatherapy, self-hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Technique, music therapy, healthcare apps, mold awareness, etc. Local and online mental health resources will be provided.

Call or Text 203-451-9865 or message us below to register.

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