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Covid-19 Safety Goes Both Ways
Lets protect each other.

What you can do - 3 Simple Steps

1. Whether you are vaccinated/boosted or not: Pls consider wearing a mask whenever with people who are not part of your immediate household.  

2. If you have RECENTLY traveled, been exposed to SOMEONE WITH Covid-19, and have any MILD/STRONG symptoms (fatigue, body aches, fever, chills, runny nose, cough, DIARRHEA, VOMITING, LOSS OF TASTE/SMELL): 
  • Pls practice "serial testing" before returning to our clinic: One test daily for 2-3 days AFTER your return and obtaining multiple negative results. Why test so many times? It may take 2-14 DAYS after initial exposure for symptoms to emerge for a Covid-19 test to be positive. One rapid or PCR test is often not enough.)
  • Call/Text us to reschedule and have more time to test. 
3. If you have obtained multiple negative Covid-19 test results and still have active symptoms:
  • Pls rest at home until your active symptoms subside.
  • Virtual Telehealth consultations are available. 
Tip: If you need free Covid-19 tests mailed to your home, click here.  

Covid-19 Safety - Katherine Kim Acupuncture Arts in Westport, Fairfield, CT

What we do - Multiple steps to protect our patients

1. Face masks are required in licensed healthcare clinics in CT. Our Acupuncturist chooses to wear a mask. 

2. We operate at reduced capacity in order to provide ample physical distancing space.

3. Medical grade air purification systems are used in each treatment room.  

4. Hand sanitizer provided.

5. We clean with disinfectant.

6. We have closed our waiting room indefinitely. 

7. Parents/Guardians can drop off/pick up minors or wait in the car. You can request a text update from the Acupuncturist. 

8. Credit cards can be stored in our system for contactless payments. A receipt can be sent to you by email or text upon request.  

Thank you for your cooperation.
We appreciate your business.

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Acupuncture Arts

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