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Three Steps to Get Started

  1. If you have medical insurance, verify your insurance coverage here. It takes about two minutes to enter the info from your insurance card. 
  2. Call or Text us to schedule an appointment (203)451-9865 EST.
    We recommend contacting us in advance to reserve your desired day/time. 
  3. We'll ask you to complete this New Patient paperwork and text it back to us.
    We like to receive it in advance so that we can prepare for your visit. 

Your First Visit as a New Patient

  • Pls bring a mask. Masks are required at our healthcare clinic.
  • We will meet you at the front door at your appointment time.
  • If you are early, pls wait in your car. We don't have a waiting room.
  • Pls bring a photo ID to your appointment. 
  • Best clothes to wear:  Clients will be discreetly draped at all times. Undergarments are worn during every treatment. We recommend loose/baggy clothing that can be rolled up above your knees and elbows. We might need access to your back, belly, or hips. Shorts, sweat pants, tank tops work well.
  • Food/Drink/Drugs: Pls avoid caffeine, stimulants, alcohol, recreational drugs before the treatment. It's best to eat lightly beforehand. Having some food in your belly helps provide energy for the treatment.

Katherine Kim
Acupuncture Arts

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