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Results to Look For During
& After Acupuncture

by Katherine Kim, M.S., L.Ac.

Getting acupuncture yourself is the best way to understand how it feels and what it can do for you. How can you tell if it works?  

Good responses to look for during a session: 

* yawning, breathing deeply, sighing
* desire to close eyes
* falling asleep
* letting go, feeling relaxed, calm, still, centered, grounded (this is a great response for people who are constantly rushed, late, or on the go)
* improved circulation, light tingles of energy, warmth
* belly rumbling
* feeling very heavy, weighted, calm, comfortable, still, "in the zone"
* losing sense of time (feeling like you got three hours of rest in just 20 mins)
* eyes become very watery, tearing up, perhaps crying, emotional release
* gaining flashes of personal insights, creative ideas, mental clarity, better decision-making, can hear inner voice clearly
* feeling stronger
* ability to focus on self-care
* and other signs    

Signs of improvements between sessions:

Katherine is familiar with a wide range of acupuncture outcomes. Clients may experience improvements that are: physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, social, etc. We also look for subtle, less obvious, intangible improvements such as “feeling unstuck", “just doing better” or "not noticing as much discomfort", "not thinking about the pain for days". Many of our clients report:    

·       Able to handle stressful situations better. Less anxiety, depression, panic.

·       Happier, lighter, freer

·       Better sleep: easier falling asleep, staying asleep 

·       Less pain, discomfort, flare-ups, breakouts

·       Easier movement, greater range of motion

·       Potentially avoid surgery, faster post-operative recovery time    

·       Less side effects and reliance on sleep aids, pain meds, patches, etc.

·       Balanced appetite: less cravings (salty, sweet, fatty, fried, alcohol, caffeine, etc.) Increased metabolism, balanced appetite, hungry upon waking or earlier in the day (sign of good metabolism) 

·       Improved temperature control (less night sweats, malar flush, clammy hands/feet, etc.)

·       Increased circulation and immunity

·       Having more energy to do things!

·       Regular daily bathroom habits 

·       Regular menstrual cycle; fertility, ability to carry a child to term

·       Processing old emotions or life situations, peacefulness, resolution

·       People notice something different about you

·       Rosier complexion

·       Greater insight, learning about self, situation, life lesson

·       Feeling empowered, in control, stronger

·       Steady recovery, detoxification 

·       Feel supported, listened to, resourced   

·       Feel motivated, energized, re-charged, active, can do and handle more

·       and more 

Please remember:

Katherine looks for results after every treatment. Every session is customized and results may vary. We are experts at guiding patients of all ages through the healing process. Questions are always welcome. 

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