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We help people through major life transitions and health challenges.

Our Reviews

I tried chiropractic, physical therapy with a friend who is a physical therapist, medication patches, cortisone injections from my doctor, ice, rest, everything. What you did gave me the most relief. - B.G.

I feel great, like my depression is lifting. I'm finally able to relax. I could handle more stress at work and pressure throughout the week. Very effective, I thought. - A.R.

Whatever you've been doing has really helped. The pains started off as a 9/10 (on the pain scale), and now it's down to a 2 or 3 at most! - J.P.

I sleep 1,000 times better now. -A.V.

I felt so great after the last treatment that I threw the football around with my kids over the long weekend. I haven't done that in ages. That was after I did yard work for several hours. My shoulder and hip felt so great. I actually called my Dad to tell him about how great I felt. - C.G.

The acupuncture has helped so much. I thought those were going to be life-long injuries. I'm pretty surprised that this has helped with my back pain as much as it has. - S.J.

I have been sleeping so much better since starting acupuncture. That's been a blessing. My anxiety has been better. I can keep my cool better with my kids. My husband notices it too. It's been dramatically different. - T.Y.

I used to have migraines and take medicine everyday. This is the longest that I've gone without a migraine and without taking any medication. It's working. I hope my husband will start coming in too for his problems. -Y.D.

I can't believe that I don't have the pain anymore. I've had it for so long, I almost can't believe that it wasn't hurting last week. I was expecting it to hurt, but I go for longer periods without much pain. I get more relief. I do notice that after the treatments. - J.F.

I feel stronger, ready to handle what's to come in my life. I feel ready to be a Father again and take on the responsibilities, more now than before. The timing of meeting you and getting these treatments was so perfect. I've noticed incredible improvements, a real upwards spiral. Thanks so much for your help throughout the last several months. - E.G.

I love coming here. I feel incredible during these sessions. There's something about acupuncture that I just love. I feel like I get into a meditative state when I'm on the table with the needles in. It's so mind-clearing. My Dad taught me how to meditate when I was a kid, and acupuncture is like that but for my whole body too. It's also helping me get through the stress of exams and college, and becoming more independent and living on my own. I can't wait for the next treatment. - L.S.

Thanks for your treatment! I feel back in my body. - Naturopathic physician

Whatever you did to my neck last week worked because I have no more pain. I have much better range of motion. I can turn my head easily and I don't have the clicking anymore. I need you to stab me again! - Nurse

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