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Katherine Kim Acupuncture Arts collects payments in-full from patients at the time of service. We accept cash, checks with photo ID, credit cards, FSA, or HSA.
We can provide you with a "superbill" receipt that contains all diagnostic/office codes for you to submit to your insurance company. Learn about acupuncture insurance coverage. 


All sessions are performed by Dr. Katherine Kim, owner and licensed acupuncturist.


Sessions may include more than acupuncture.  

  • New Acupuncture Consult & Treatment $250/1 hr: First session may include a 1-1 discussion of your medical history, medications, lifestyle, nutrition, stress/pain level, specific goals. Also may include pulse reading, tongue reading, customized mindfulness-based acupuncture and mind-body counseling, (optional) guided relaxation, breathwork instruction, infrared heat lamp therapy, herbal heat pack.
  • Returning Acupuncture Consult & Treatment $200/50 mins: may include customized mindfulness-based acupuncture, mind-body counseling, guided relaxation, nutritional counseling, lifestyle adjustments, sleep hygiene counseling, infrared heat lamp therapy, herbal heat pack, and/or acupressure ear seeds to wear home.  

(Credit is good for five years)

Integrative Medicine Packages with Dr. Kim may include a combination of evidence-based healing modalities.  Dr. Kim is a subject matter expert in Integrative Medicine. We apply evidence-based research, over two decades of clinical experience, and Dr. Kim's expertise and intuition to craft each treatment. 

  • Modalities may include: Mindfulness-based acupuncture, mind-body-counseling, pulse-taking, tongue evaluation, clinical hypnotherapy, guided imagery, meditation instruction, breathwork instruction, clinical EFT, clinical aromatherapy, cupping, guasha, ultrasound therapy, infrared heat lamp therapy, herbal heat packs, moxa, acupressure ear seeds to wear home, sleep mask, or Hypervolt massage gun enhancement, etc. 
  • 5-pack of follow-up treatments, paid in full, $900 ($180 x 5) 
  • 10-pack of follow up treatments, paid in full, $1,750 ($175 x 10) 
  • 15-pack of follow up treatments, paid in full, $2,550 ($170 x 15)  
  • 20-pack of follow up treatments, paid in full, $3,300 ($165 x 20).


  • A 30-pack of follow up treatments can be shared by one household, paid in full, $4,800 ($160 x30). The family package is the only package that is shareable amongst relatives of the same household/primary address. Each person sharing the package must have their own New Patient consult first. 

In-person credit card charges are charged 2.5% processing fee.
Touchless credit card fees are charged 3.5% processing fee.
There are no refunds or transfers on individual sessions or packages.
Treatments are done at the discretion of the Acupuncturist.
Questions about modalities and treatments are always welcome. 


Functional Medicine consultations, $600/90 mins first session.
Follow up Functional Medicine consultation and acupuncture, $450/50 mins.
Review of lab work with research and prescriptive therapies, $300/30 mins.
Functional Medicine package including initial 90 mins visit and four 30 mins consults, $2,000. Labs not included.