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Created by Katherine Kim, M.S., L.Ac.

Ancestral Acupuncture -

What is Ancestral Acupuncture? 

Ancestral Acupuncture is a method of addressing family issues through Acupuncture and Family Hypnotherapy. 

Ancestral Acupuncture -


Ancestral Acupuncture, created by Katherine Kim, is informed by Traditional Chinese Medicine theories, Family Systems Therapy, the work of Bert Hellinger, epigenitics, and more. 

Ancestral Acupuncture -

What happens during a session? 

We can discuss anything you'd like i.e. health, lifestyle, or any relationships (mother, father, siblings, spouse, children, etc. -- living or deceased) that feels integral to your healing process.  Sometimes conversation is enough. Acupuncture is optional; a session may be customized to your needs. Needle-free treatments are also available. Sometimes we incorporate deeper clinical hypnotherapy. It's completely up to you, and we discuss options. 

Special Topics to Discuss
During Ancestral Acupuncture:

* Self, personal identity, life experiences, etc.  
* Family, relationships, love, key formative experiences, childhood  
* Personal health, family medical conditions  
* Learned and inherited behaviors, belief systems, pedigree  
* Issues related to: self-worth, birth order, gender expectations, finances, inheritance, education, career, race, religion, parenting, dating, marriage, divorce, separation, death, bereavement, criminality, institutionalization, addiction, recovery, 12-Step, codependency, etc. 
* Abuse: physical, emotional, mental, verbal, sexual, domestic violence, etc.
* Spirituality, creativity, passion, etc.      
* and more. 

Common goals of Ancestral Acupuncture:

* Self-improvement, self-discovery, self-care, self-love, self-esteem
* Relationship help, intimacy, healthy attachment, etc. 
* Releasing baggage, moving on in life, getting "unstuck"  
* Addressing family dysfunctions 
* Improving mind-body health, relieving depression, etc.  
* Reducing dependency to medications with the supervision of your doctor.  
* Personal goals, life direction, and questions. 

Ancestral Acupuncture (TM) (C) by Katherine Kim, M.S.,L.Ac.  All rights reserved. 2000-2014

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